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Issuing time:2021-08-01 11:54


IACCR国际培训班第五讲课程于今日上午9:00准时开课,学员们热情高涨 ,直播课现场气氛活跃。



















The Fifth Lecture of IACCR on Public Health and Psychological Services in COVID-19 (PART 1)   

The fifth lecture of IACCR International Training Class started timely at 9:00 a.m. today, whose students were so enthusiastic that the atmosphere of the live class was active.   

The course focuses on the theme of "public health services in the epidemic". It is widely acknowledged that the origin of the public health is related to human sufferings, and it aims at the fitness of all as well as its growing functioning when faced with social distress. Our guest lecturer of the course will make an introduction on the public health in the post-pandemic era, as is shown below.

Introduction of the Guest

Yang Shujuan: Doctor, Associate Professor and Master Supervisor of Epidemiology and Health Statistics of Sichuan University, whose research is oriented at the research work such as big data analysis of infectious diseases, environment and full life-cycle epidemiological health. Co-director of International Space Health Research Center as well as candidate of Academic and Technical Leader of Sichuan Provincial Health Commission; member of the Preparing Expert Committee of Sichuan 14th Five-year Health Plan; member of the technical guidance expert group of the 4th round of national comprehensive AIDS prevention and control demonstration area of Sichuan province; Director of the Sex Education Association of Sichuan Province.


Professor Yang Shujuan talks about the theme of “Public Health in the Post-epidemic Era”. It is well-known that the post-epidemic era is divided based on COVID-19. China's public health system enables us to raise our international status. Therefore, our country brings itself closer to national rejuvenation.   

I. Public health is born because of our collective actions within the society to ensure the health conditions for all.   

With the advent of the Industrial Revolution, the process of industrialization and urbanization has been accelerated, and environmental pollution has worsened, leading to such epidemics as typhoid, cholera, dysentery and other diseases, thus promoting the establishment and development of public health. Professor Yang Shujuan mentioned that in the earlier times some western countries implement some measures as follows:   

1. Improve working conditions to prevent the occurrence of occupational diseases—involving labor health, occupational health and occupational medicine.

2. Improve malnutrition and nutritional deficiency—involving nutrition and food hygiene.

3. Attach importance to people-oriented criterion and implement the research upon the comprehensive care for life and death—involving prevention and healthcare, perinatal medicine, maternal and child healthcare, school healthcare, geriatric healthcare and other fields, so as to prevent and manage public health.

II. Three levels of public health prevention

Professor Yang Shujuan also referred that public health can play a role in controlling risky factors of health from the source, reducing the incidence rate and delay the occurrence rate of serious diseases, increasing the ratio of healthy groups, and reducing the disease population.   

1. The first level of prevention: take preventive measures to deal with the causes of diseases, aiming to improve the environment and people’s helath.

2. The second level of prevention: strive for early detection, diagnosis and treatment in the pre-clinical stage of diseases to curb the development and deterioration of diseases and to prevent the recurrence or the transformation into chronic ones.   

3. The third level of prevention: also known as the clinical prevention:   

(1) For those who have suffered from some diseases: take timely and effective therapeutic measures for the purpose of preventing the deterioration, complications and disabilities;   

(2) For those who have lost their labor abilities or who are disabled: basically promote their functional recoveries and psychological rehabilitation, and undertake family-nursing guidance, so as to help them restore life and labor abilities to the largest extent, participate in social activities and prolong life.   

The outbreak of COVID-19 has once again demonstrated that the whole mankind is a community with a shared future full of joys and sorrows. The international community should help each other get over troubles. China is willing to work with WHO and other countries to make contributions to global public health and security.