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Global Youth Music Bar

Issuing time:2020-05-12 10:28Author:Youth InitiativeSource:Youth Initiative


1.Project Context

Music is an important art form and every kind of musicwill have a big or small impact on people. In our dailylife, music iseverywhere. In many types of music and for most of the young people, pop musicis undoubtedly the most popular.

Pop music is also particularly important for the psychologicaldevelopment of young people, both at home and abroad.

It can make the young people enjoy the joy of seeingand hearing, release the uneasy mood, make the young people have a yearningfeeling for the future, so as to establish the goal and manifest their ownpersonality;

On the other hand, it can also reduce the occurrenceof psychological depression in young people, help young people to vent theirmental anxiety, so that those young people who are in a loss have the courageto face life and look to the future.

2.project introduction

The purpose of this project is to convey positiveenergy through singing, awaken young people's deep desire for the future, andhelp them develop their dreams.

In the form of linking the voice of youth, we willbuild a world network platform of youth singing. Through the voice of youth, wewill convey to people the ideas of unity, fraternity, mutual assistance,tolerance and respect, and encourage people to pursue their dreams bravely.

At the same time, we will build personal and regionalcharacteristic brands while building a responsible and responsible image of theyouth and singing regional culture, so that more people can understand thecharacteristics of their own regional culture and every ordinary person canhave the opportunity to make their own voice heard.

3.Project planning


(1).   personal voice

Personal online concerts twice a week.

  (2). cooperate voice

Thecooperative voices will hold multi-person online concerts every two weeks.

(3).monthly voice

Monthly online concert of monthly voices isheld once a month, and the personnel are selected from the individual voice andthe cooperative voice

(4). quarterly voice

Thequarterly online concert will be held every 3 months, and the staff will beselected from the monthly online concert. In addition, the voices masters willbe invited as special singing guests.

(5). half a year of voices

Half a year of voices online concert willbe held every six months, and the staff will be selected from the quarterlyvoices online concert. In addition, the voices masters will be invited asspecial singing guests.

(6).   the annual music festival

The annual music festival will be heldonline once a year, and the staff will be selected from the half-a-year sound.In addition,   the voices masters will beinvited as special singing guests.

4.Project   platform

(1). concert platform

Tencent conference or Ding Talk conference.

(2). rebroadcastplatfrom

Official microblog of IYRescueU, Tik Tok, Kuaishou,official account, and cooperative propaganda organization platform.

(3). propagandaplatform

Official microblog of IYRescueU,Tik Tok, Kuaishouand cooperative organization platform.

5.Project startup work


(1). Theconstruction of specialized team and the person in charge

From the IYRescueU to select the relevantproject leaders to build a core team.

(2). Globalyouth voices recruitment

a. To postrecruitment information for outstanding young people who are eager to maketheir voices heard.

B.    Link some teachers with great voices to share their voices asguests.

(3). Cooperative organization to negotiateand work

Negotiate with the cooperative organizationabout the technical team's support and project-related issues.

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