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Hi! The Online Sharing Meeting Of Rural Entrepreneurship Send You an Invitation!



Always talking about entrepreneurship, butdo you really know about it?

It doesn't matter if you don't understand.

We will tell you.

Our meeting is coming!

Dear friends, if you are interested in it,come and join us!

1.Project Introduction.

Name: The Online Sharing Meeting of RuralEntrepreneurship  

Frequency : Once every two weeks

Meeting form: Online

Meeting lace: Tencent Meeting, Live China,Douyin.

Sponsoring Organization: IYRescueU-International Youth Rescue Union

2. Project Background.

Rural entrepreneurship is a way of labor, a phenomenon of wealth ,and a behavior that requires entrepreneurs to organize, use services,technology and equipment operations to think, reason and judge. In today'smarket-oriented era, the leader of rural entrepreneurship is an outstandingtalent to promote the development of rural economy and a bellwether for farmersto increase their income and become rich. They are not only the inevitableresult of rural reform, but also an "irreplaceable new force" inrural revitalization and rural economic development.

The meeting will invite co-builders of rural entrepreneurship fromall over the world to discuss topics such as rural development andrevitalization, speak with the strength of young people, cater to the trend ofChina's international development, and contribute to the promotion of China'seconomic development.

3.Specific arrangement.

1)   Workarrangement: make overall arrangements for the staff of each department toprepare for the meeting;

2)   Publicity activities: making tweets, videos,etc., relying on multiple media for publicity;

3)   Guestinvitation: invite sharing guests and docking;

4)   Audiencearrangement: help the audience understand the meeting and guide the audienceinto the venue;

5)   Review after the meeting: hold a summarymeeting to reflect on the activities;

4. What will you get?

1) Obtain rich rural entrepreneurial experience and learn some lessons.

2)   Get to know like-minded partners, expandcontacts, and gain access to resources.

3)   Understandthe development of rural entrepreneurship and make the right decision.